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35 JAHRE LIEBE (35 years of love)

35 JAHRE LIEBE (35 years of love)

Celebrating the 35 Years ASIFA Austria Anniversary

A love relationship, a partnership of 35 years certainly has its many famous and unfamous ‘ups and downs’.
We have selected films from 35 years of animation activity in Austria, from 35 years of ASIFA Austria, which show the different facets of love. There is sex, hugs, longing, despair, disappointment, separation etc. or simply waiting for the beautiful woman. The first film in our film program was made in 1985, the foundation year of ASIFA Austria, the last one in the round Anniversary Year 2020. Come on, take the roller coaster ride of relationships and find out familiar or strange moments and situations.
(Program curated by Sabine Groschup and Thomas Renoldner, Vienna 2020)

Sat, 23 Jan 20217:00 pm


MeyouRoland Schütz02:101985

Les MiserablesMara Mattuschka02:001987

Der AktMonika Wibmer02:161987

Tele-DialogVeronika Schubert05:102005

Salome in Low LandChristian Zagler10:002006

Kurzes LebenJohanna Freise / Daniel Suljic09:032007

LezzieflickNana Swiczinsky07:002008

BeautyAlexander Gratzer04:052016

The Darkest ValentineKathrin Steinbacher02:252019

I’ll alwaysSabine Groschup04:182020

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