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Filmfestival / film festival

by sg

Welcome to the first online festival for the Art of Animation from Austria !

100 films in 13 programs during 2 weeks – 83 films in competition

This pandemic is terrible, but we used the lockdown time to develope something useful (for the artists) and enjoyable (for the audience; hm, hopefully…, like this very nice Key Visual Animation of Monique-Nadine Pfneiszl, with the music by Kilian Gamlich.)

ABOUT tells you more about the festival.
FESTIVAL PROGRAM is your entry door to the online cinema.

2 last remarks at this point:
∗ On 1st february 2021 we will start the BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION online database under the same URL like this online festival; but ALL FILMS IN FULL LENGTH you can ONLY SEE HERE, a few of them only in the first week.
∗ And about communication: We felt people had enough ZOOM and webinars and all that, so we propose to use stone-age internet communication: there is a BLOG after each of the 16 film programs (3 award winner screenings included), and we will be happy about your comments.

Many thanks for their support:


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