Ausstellung / exhibition

by sg

Introducing Sabine Groschup | Guten Morgen Madam Mona | #mdinabiennale2020

Sabine Groschup has been active in the broad cultural contexts of visual art, film and literature. As a visual artist, the former Lassnig student works across various media, showing her paintings, video art, installations, textile work and photographs internationally.

Solo and participatory exhibitions have taken Groschup to New York, Seoul, Zagreb, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Ostrava, Roanoke,
Halberstadt, Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Munich, Bolzano, New Orleans, Schaffhausen, Istanbul, Venice, Bremen and Lausanne.

Within the global film community, she is one of
the most renowned proponents of artistic animated film, although Sabine also makes experimental films and documentaries. As a writer, she is a narrator of fiction, a poet and an essayist. Sabine was awarded the 2012 Preis der Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck für künstlerisches Schaffen.


Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, lächelnd, Kind und Nahaufnahme